History and evolution

MEDITER CVBA is a cooperative, a company with limited liability, founded on 1 October 1986 (published in the Annexes of the Belgian Official Journal on 6 December 1986) by Dr Lindemans, Dr P. Winderickx and Dr H. Van Haver.

The founders wanted to organise their collaboration within a common medical and administrative infrastructure, and in particular with respect to neuropsychiatric expert assignments (“expertises”).

From 10 December 1987 to 1 July 2014, the cooperative was housed at 1180 Uccle, De Frélaan 206 (Belgian Official Journal: 13 January 1988). It is now housed at 1500 Halle, Bergensesteenweg 67/69.

The name, a merging of medical diagnostics and “therapy”, suggests meditation and/or the Mediterranean.

Although Mediter was initially set up as a “mediation company”, it evolved into a “professional company” attracting an increasing number of doctors and allied health professionals to work on a wide range of assignments, both therapeutic and diagnostic in nature. Each evolution undergoes the formal approval of the Provincial Council of the Belgian Medical Association. 

In addition to the “traditional” medical and allied health duties in the neurological, psychiatric, psychological and rehabilitation domains, as summarised in the NIHDI nomenclature (consultations, examinations and therapies), a great many expert assignments are awarded to the members, partners and other staff by the judicial authorities, the prosecutor, external colleagues who require specific advice within their own assignments, and by insurance companies, etc.

Each employee within the association more or less specialises in a specific field.

The demand for help and advice is growing every year, which naturally increases the number of employees.

Mediter is a contractual consultant within the medical service of the European Commission in Brussels, for the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance funds (NIHDI), for the public prosecutor in Brussels and for NATO (Allianz International).

Dr. I. Lindemans is medical director.